Sources: Bloomberg, Asian, U.S. Buyers of Japanese Property Spur Foreign Investment

According to the article above, a lot of Investment Fund companies are investing in Japan real estates, including GIC, Blackstone etc.

“The weakening yen makes Japanese properties cheaper for overseas buyers,”

Singapore Government is investing in Japan Property via GIC, so are you gonna joined? Currently GIC is investing in office buildings in Tokyo, anticipating an increase in demand due to the 2020 Olympics. So as a small time investors, how do we get to ride this wave? One way is to invest in co-ownership of holiday homes properties in Japan provided by iShinChi Management Ltd, a company set up to help small investor to co-own holiday homes in Kyoto area ( the best kept secret in Japan).

The investment amount start from 5 mil yen (S$55.5K or AUD$52.4k). The concept is very simple, buy freehold villa in Kyoto that are near to train stations, and tourist attractions. Provide these holiday homes to the investors or their friends. When these holiday homes are not utilised by the investors, they will be rent out to tourists.

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