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TOKYO – Japanese real estate developers are increasing their investment in high-end traditional-style inns and hotels.

Source: Luxury accommodation Japan: Developers increase investment in top hotels, inns, AsiaOne Asia News

“These developers are increasing investment in high-end accommodation in the hope of earning more revenue. Demand for such facilities is expected to grow amid a surge in foreign visitors and a growing elderly population, who have both time and money. “

Major corporations already spend billion of USD investing in tourist accommodation. As a small investor how do you participate? How much is the property tax in Japan? How to communicate with the property manager if you can’t speak Japanese? What type of real estate investment are there? Which one give you the best return?What type of insurance is required? How about maintenance? Property management? What happen if the tenant is late on payment?

iShinChi Management will be able to help you achieve this via co-ownership. Contact us now to find out how!


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