Hotel Machiya vacation rental

How to book iShinChi’s Nishisuya Machiya in Kyoto

  The Stor(e)y The 2-storey Kyo-Machiya is all yours for booking. It’s just been fully renovated and everything is brand NEW. There is quite a lot of sightseeing and activities to do around the area, within walking distance. There’s Kyoto … Read More

Rest and Explore from Kyoto House in Japan

Stay in a traditional Japanese Machiya and experience the Japanese way of life. STAY Sip green tea or match in a tatami tea room and sleep on futons. Relax awhile inside a traditional machiya with sliding doors, and its wooden … Read More

Enjoy A Japanese Tea Ceremony

  Free your mind and indulge in a Japanese Tea Ceremony where you immerse yourself into the art of tea. TYPES OF JAPANESE TEAS   [one_third_last padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] Konacha, Residual Green Tea Konacha is the tea dust, tea … Read More

Invest and Grow your Nest Egg

How to own your holiday home using the Shared Economy

      If you haven’t noticed it yet, a new trend has been growing organically within our collaborative world. It has gained even more traction with the rise of online accommodation booking websites. We are rating dining experiences on … Read More

9 things to know when Buying Property in Japan

  1. Can a foreigner purchase property in Japan? YES.  Foreigners of any nationality,  any country can buy real estate in Japan, even if they do not have a “permanent resident” status. Relative to other countries, it is relatively easy for … Read More

An Affair in GION, being a Geisha or Maiko

  BEING A GEISHA     BEING A MAIKO   Come to Kyoto and experience the world of Geishas and Maikos.  Step back in time and have an encounter with an old world charm of traditional Japan. [one_half_last padding=”0 20px … Read More

Invest and Grow your Nest Egg

How to Own your Holiday Property

    Shared Equity Home Ownership means you co-own a property with other owners. The number of owners can be as little as two persons or as many as five or more. By sharing or dividing the equity amongst many … Read More

A Minimalist Guide: How to travel more for less in Japan

  Japan Rail Passes Do you need JR Rail Passes? Get them only if you’re planning a multi-city travel throughout more than two prefectures in Japan. They will save you money ONLY IF you can speed travel across more than 3 cities within … Read More

Freehold Properties in Japan

Japanese Property vs Other Parts of the World

    How does property or home ownership in Japan compare with other countries nearby? CHINA JAPAN In Beijing, foreigners who intend to buy a properties there need a certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to prove … Read More


How easy is it to buy a property in Japan?

  There are no restrictions on foreigners to own property in Japan. None at all. In other words, does this mean it’s an easy process?  However, here’s the catch. Three catches actually. Utmost Importance. You need to have ready cash … Read More