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Visit the postcard perfect Temples and Shrines around Kyoto

The Stor(e)y

The 2-storey Kyo-Machiya is all yours for booking. It’s just been fully renovated and everything is brand NEW. There is quite a lot of sightseeing and activities to do around the area, within walking distance.

  • There’s Kyoto Aquarium less than 5 minutes away with 9 zones of activities and dolphin performances,
  • The majestic UNESCO World Heritage listed Nishihonganji Temple,
  • Umekoji Park with its Steam Locomotive Museum with its mini train rides and an amazing miniature train network display with trains that actually run!
  • There’s also the Toji Temple, another UNESCO World Heritage listed site which has markets held every 21st of the month with over one thousand stalls!
  • You are surrounded by 7-Eleven, Circle K convience stores at either side and a bus-stop in front which has buses to GION and other attractions. We have a few favourite eateries near our door step. Food, essentials, activities, sightseeing, all checked.
  • Experience the Japanese way of life in the pretty Nishisuya neighbourhood. Sip green tea in a tea room and sleep on comfy futons, in a traditional machiya. Bath and toilet are fully automated as you will see, and admire the Japanese recycling system for water and garbage management. You will be staying in a very clean, safe and exclusive neighbourhood.
  • The interior is furnished Japanese style with zabutons and floor cushions in place of your typical lounge so you learn to sit seiza, the Japanese way of sitting :-).



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