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If you haven’t noticed it yet, a new trend has been growing organically within our collaborative world. It has gained even more traction with the rise of online accommodation booking websites. We are rating dining experiences on Yelp, and recommending travel activities on TripAdvisor.  Now, we are opening our homes and sharing them on AirBnB. Turning your home into a vacation rental looks set to be The Next Big Thing. Unlike our sedentary past, when global travel was less accessible, now, we find ourselves traveling more and venturing to further shores. Travel has become a way of life, a way of increasing the happiness content in our lives AND a very enjoyable way of personal development.



A Travel Revolution

There has been a major shift in the way travellers choose to experience new places. In place of escorted tours and cookie cutter itineraries, the independent traveller is looking for a true, authentic vacation experience.  When choosing a place to stay, the travel seeker searches for the local experiences.  They want to live like the locals do and immerse themselves in the new environment. There’s no better way to enjoy all these than live in a local home at a reduced cost, relative to a traditional hotel stay. We love looking at awesome landscapes, and it’s exciting to experience bustling cultures that’s unlike our own. Most of all, we love staying in homes that are uniquely different to the places we have known, where sleeping, eating, and life routines are particularly adapted to the local environment.

The demand for a unique, holiday home destination is growing steadily and something special.




Machiya Walkway

How our troubled world economy is changing travel habits

We are living in very uncertain times at the moment. It’s becoming harder to scrape together disposable cash and savings. If we travel as a family or as a group, it makes more sense to rent a single, family-sized holiday home than to book multiple hotel rooms. As most of these holiday homes are self-contained with all the conveniences you would find in your own home, you save on eating out or your laundry expenses. This leaves you with more spending allowance to explore ticketed attractions or local experiences.  Those with young kids in tow will find it a godsend to mind and feed their kids at home before venturing out to the restaurants. Compared to a limited hotel room environment, caring for young children in a larger space may result in a better holiday experience.




Holiday Homes2

The Secret to Living Happily Ever After

We are all searching for the magic recipe for a happy life. In order to plot our life story towards that happy goal, we need to plan and take action. We don’t plan to fail, we only fail to plan. If there is no plan, no action, a goal can only remain a dream. You need to at least spend some time reviewing your current situation and to prepare for an unknown future ahead. When you have prepared for your future in some way, your worries would be tackled and your path becomes certain. Perhaps, one of the strategies lies in owning holiday homes. It can be a diversified form of investment which works towards beefing up your nest egg.

There are many advantages to having a holiday property investment. It gives you:

  • a positive income stream,
  • a happy retirement,
  • a tertiary education fund for the kids,
  • amazing family vacations,
  • all of the above?

At some point in life, we all need to sit back, take stock of how far we have come, and consider the future equation. Then, a prudent next step would be to plan and take some action. The actions must support and provide certainty for your future time here.



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A Partnership

 Income + Time

Your happiness, your time and your holiday home investment don’t need to be separated. On top of the incredible flexibility and annual returns on investment, you get to enjoy your holiday homes with friends and family.

In our connected world, you can invest in homes that are far away, thanks to technology. It’s possible to own properties in picture perfect locations far, far away.  At Ishinchi, we will:

  • research and work the numbers, location and expenses
  • do the legwork (literally!) and source for properties that match our stringent criteria
  • help you with guest management, such as 24/7 customer support and local service partnerships


You won’t be lifting a finger.  You won’t need to talk, nor coordinate with anyone.We will manage the holiday properties on your behalf.


We will provide a full service from:

  • property purchase,
  • to paperwork and insurances,
  • to property styling and home furnishing,
  • to marketing and advertising,
  • to payment management,
  • to housekeeping,
  • to property maintenance and
  • management reporting to you.

We will give you back something precious.  Your time. This way, you can have time to do what you want instead. Also, we will be putting money into your bank account as well.

You don’t need to wait until you’re old to own a holiday property. Our property investment opportunity has been kept at an affordable entry level. You won’t need hundreds of thousands to own a property. A modest amount will secure a share of the property ownership. To own your bit of paradise, get in touch with us now.

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