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Stay in a traditional Japanese Machiya and experience the Japanese way of life.


Sip green tea or match in a tatami tea room and sleep on futons. Relax awhile inside a traditional machiya with sliding doors, and its wooden architecture. Soak and relax in a hot tub with complimentary herbal bath salts made in Japan. Stroll to nearby restaurants at your doorstep for a delicious meal served with a smile.



  • In about 5 minutes from where you stay, discover a hidden network of eateries …
  • Buffet style fresh produce. Just 880 yen for lunch (just add 300 yen more for unlimited drinks). Our special favourite since we greatly miss our Aussie salads and veggies. There are curries, stews, fried noodle dishes and much more!
  • Japanese Sukiyaki. Must try! Get the value-for-money lunch sets. This restaurant is a local favourite frequented by the Japanese but remains unknown to tourists.
  • Delicious ramen at YUU, just across the street from 700 yen.
  • Fist Ramen House. yes, it’s called “fist”! Another hot, local favourite Ramen house just a bit further on.
  • 京・朱雀 すし市場 Sushi Restaurant. Grab morning fresh sushi here! This actually located at a smaller-scale version of the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.


  • Then, walk off your meal with a visit to Kyoto Aquarium in 5 minutes and be amazed at their 9 activity zones of marine life.
  • Wind down at the Umekoji Park next door or get awed by the steam locomotives at the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum. Take a ride on their mini trains or enjoy their miniature train display with runnning trains!
  • Or walk over to Nishi Honganji Temple about 5 minutes way as well and take in the sights of this UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Just next to Nishi Honganji Temple is the Costume Museum where you see the Japanese nobility!
  • Walk further down to visit the markets at Toji Temple, yet another breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site with colourful stores selling bric-a-brac and antique treasures! The Kobo-Ichi market held on the 21st features more than one thousand stores!
  • Come weekends, hop on the shuttle buses from the bus stop at your door step to more attractions such Gion, to see the world of Geishas and Maikos.
  • Work off any extra energy with a session of Taiko drums at a class down the street!



  • Go on a half-day cycling tour with Miss Tomo, our friendly local guide who will show you Kyoto, up close and personal.
  • Interested to try traditional Japanese weaving with a grandmaster? Spend some time learning about this skill and be amazed at its history and the beautiful fabric creations.



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There’s more to tell but mere words do not capture the full essence of Kyoto life.





Source: Rest and Explore from Kyoto House – Townhouses for Rent in Kyōto-shi

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