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The Lesser of Two Evils


Would you rather stay in a guesthouse or shared accommodation with uncertain room mates? 


Stay Sleep in a 2 m2 coffin-sized pod?


On top of the severely limited space, and lack of privacy, staying in a guesthouse or capsule hotel may not save you as much money as you think. When you sacrifice so much personal comfort from having to share facilities with so many others, the savings you’re getting may be at the expense of your happiness.

Consider that a room in a guesthouse averages about 6 tatami mats(or heaven forbid, less than this!), this works out to be about 9.18m2.  You can pay a fair bit more to get a single room or pay for a bed. Consider that there would be anything from 6 – 8 bunk beds squashed into that room. There is no private down time and potluck to get decent room mates.

  • There is hardly walking space in the rooms. No space at all if it’s a pod.
  • You might have to wait in line to have shower.
  • You might have to wait in line to use the toilet too.
  • You probably have to eat out for three meals a day.
  • You pay to do your laundry or bring it outside to do it somewhere else.
  • You share internet with everyone else using it. Some places may charge you internet connection fees. You have to do your own research in order to register and pay for a Pocket Wifi to use on the go.


Assuming a 3-night stay, for 6 persons, you’d be surprised

when you break it down to cost per metre square of space.


Price Compare



 Dorm Bed  


 Budget Room

 Hotel Room, 4-star

 Vacation Rental  

9.18m2 2m2  9.18m2  34m2  60m2
 6 – 8 beds  1  2  2  up to 6
 Per person
 ¥3,100 ¥3,800  ¥7,980 ¥36,100 ¥25,000/6 =


¥337.70 ¥1,900 ¥869.30  ¥1,062 ¥69.0
 6 pax.
¥3,100 x 6 =


 ¥3,800 x 6 =


¥7,980 x 3 rooms =


¥36,100 x 3 rooms =


3 nights
¥18,600  x 3 =


¥22,800 x 3 =


 ¥23,940 x 3 =


¥108,300 x 3 =


¥25,000 x 3 =


 Peak Rates
¥3,600 x 3 nights =

¥10,800 per bed

¥6,800  x 3 nights =

¥20,400 per pod

¥15,960  x 3 nights =

¥47,880 per room

¥33,930 x 3 nights =

¥101,790 per room

per house/6pax./night

¥41,800 x 3 nights =

¥125,400/6 pax. =

¥20,900 per person




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