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  1. At convenience stores like 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Circle K and Lawsons.
  2. At the cooked food section in supermarkets. All Japanese supermarkets feature a takeaway food section where a huge variety of meals is cooked on the day and sold.



What do you get?

  • Rice dishes like Bentos, Donburis, sushi packs, onigiris
  • Noodles. Cold salad noodles, ramen, tsukemen, udons, fried noodles like yakisoba, and yes! sphagetti
  • Deep fried dishes like tempuras, cooked fish, karaages or fried chicken nuggets and cutlets




An entire selection in a 7-Eleven store



Sometimes, they are even further discounted!




This pack is ¥298 



A slightly bigger pack at ¥335




A beef donburi with chicken cutlet pieces, salad underneath and tsukemono (pickled veggies).



A bento with lots of sides; potato salad, karaage, tsukemono, chicken cutlet, rice, tamago (egg) and fish cake.




A pack of Mitarashi dango, glutinous rice balls dipped in starchy sweet, shoyu sauce. Usually sells around ¥150 or less.




Konnyaku cold dessert. Open up the pack, drain the liquid, drizzle sauce packet over it and enjoy.  Give it a try anyway as a pack is only ¥98.


Cherry-like Grapes

These Japanese grapes are tiny. The skin is thicker than your normal grape but they are seedless and each one bursts in your mouth with a robust flavour. It’s a flavour that is between a cherry and a grape. A small bunch like this is about ¥398, excluding tax. A little expensive but makes for a very tasty, appetising after dinner dessert and TV snack.



King of the Watermelons

This should not be here but be warned that some foods here can be exceedingly over-the-top!

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you and are perfectly fine. The price tag reads ¥86,400 or about USD$864 for that pyramid-shaped watermelon. This is at one of the basement supermarkets around Osaka. Too pricey? No worries, there are cheaper options underneath that majestic fruit. As you can see, the other melons are going at USD$324 …

Seriously, the price of Japanese fruits are on the high side but they are also quite perfect and very luscious. When you return, there is a good chance you may be spoiled by Japanese quality and be disappointed with the lacklustre fruits back at your supermarket.


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