Kyoto Vacation Rental Investment Deal – Suzaku Mipaku Project

朱雀民宿 Suzaku Mipaku Project Opportunity The tourism boom in Japan is still climbing since Prime Minister Mr Abe took office. However, the hotel accomodation has not kept up with spiking travel demand. This is especially severe in Kyoto, which is hindered … Read More

Rental Investment Returns in Japan

A lot of real estate agents have market the properties in Japan as high and stable return, from 4% to 10%. However if you consider the purchasing cost and taxes, the return will be reduced by 30 to 50%. Let’s go … Read More

Hotel Machiya vacation rental

Property Buying Costs and Taxes for Foreigner

Stamp Duty:depending on the contract value starting from ¥200 to ¥540,000 REGISTRATION AND LICENSE TAX (登録免許税) Category Tax Rate for Registration (Reg.) Reducing Measures* New Residence Land Assessed Value* x 2.0% (Reg. of Ownership Transfer) x 1.5% Building Assessed Value x 0.4% (Reg. … Read More