About Us

Founder Story

When we were in Australia travelling, we immediately fell in love with the fully self-contained holiday home concept. We like the freedom and the warm that these holiday homes bring.

We founded the company to bring freedom to hosts while giving more guests the opportunity to have a ever lasting holiday stay experience.

Our Mission

To make holiday home ownership affordable for everyone

Our Values

Using Less is More as our guiding principle.

Adding value everyday.

Having fun all the time.

Creating meaningful relationships.

Learning everyday.

Integrity and Honesty as our best policy.

Just doing it!

 i(怡) – Harmony .  Shin(心) – Heart .  Chi(地) – Earth

Together, i + Shin + Chi means cosiness.

ISHINCHI MANAGEMENT株式会社 is a company providing a premium service for investors who are looking for outstanding investment results without the hassles of managing a professional vacation rental. We offer a full-service management package. Investing in property is not just a calculated purchase, it’s also about ensuring that our property investments continue to perform over the long term. Our business is owned and run by property investors for property investors.

We help investors to acquire residential real estate in Japan that have the potential to convert to vacation rentals. After each property purchase, we will provide the whole turnkeys for management of your vacation rental :

  1. Marketing and advertising with maximised exposure to major vacation rental websites like: Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia etc.
  2. Staging and interior decorating
  3. Housekeeping, including cleaning products, laundry, and guest amenities
  4. Photography, writing copy, managing reviews,handling reservations, inquiries.
  5. We provide personal check in for all our guests for their most memorable staying experience
  6. Remaining on-call for guests 24/7
  7. Securing permits and licences
  8. Rate setting and optimisation

We care about each and every property in our portfolio because we have a personal stake in it as well. We have a vision of owning a holiday home in the places we enjoy visiting. Eventually, we would like to expand to other regions in Japan and then onwards to other countries. Meanwhile, invest with us and enjoy a stay in your own holiday home while making a profit out of it. Invest with peace of mind, knowing that you have an exit strategy in 5-7 years time.

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