Kyoto Vacation Rental Investment Deal – Suzaku Mipaku Project

朱雀民宿 Suzaku Mipaku Project Opportunity The tourism boom in Japan is still climbing since Prime Minister Mr Abe took office. However, the hotel accomodation has not kept up with spiking travel demand. This is especially severe in Kyoto, which is hindered … Read More


一般租赁与民宿比较 最近非常热门的投资话题:中国个人投资者炒爆日本房产民宿投资。虽然民宿收入确实是比一般的租赁高很多,但如果按照一般租赁方式来操作,那请保重。说到底,民宿到底还是服务行业的一种,尤其用airbnb这个平台,如何使客源不断,如何拿到5星评价,除了装修,地点外,还需要有专业的操作及热心的团队。有了这个团队就能容易的满足airbnb所要求的基本房东义务,好比如何处理紧急情况客户安全,除了airbnb是否还有其他销售平台等。你如把民宿当成一家五星级酒店来经营,那就财源滚滚,若无此决心,或不请专业的民宿营运管理公司,劝君还是不要妄入场。 合法性 … Read More

日本民宿合法化 激活华人投资热情

《中文导报》是服务于日本华人及全球华人的中文媒体,是在日华人社会中受推崇的媒体品牌 Source: 中文导报网 – 导报新闻 – 日本民宿合法化 激活华人投资热情 现谈谈法律上的限制 目前的情况是京都民宿需要旅館营业执照。但由于游客太多,旅舍供不应求,条例有可能会放松。游客的大量来袭,导致当地旅社、宾馆、酒店的爆满,以致于出现接待能力不足的问题。如今如airbnb网站的崛起,很多无牌民宿非法营业,为此,日本政府开始推出民宿服务制度改革。去年9月28日,日本政府首次确定将向外国游客推出“民宿”的住宿方式。东京大田区将会率先实行。大田区作为“国家战略特区”,享有放宽政策,允许满足一定条件的空置房屋向外租住。大阪也将在今年4月实行。 而至于京都,由于想对的保守,但当地的政府又无法抵挡旅游所带来的经济好处,相信将会也跟着放松。 如要减低风险,及为长远计划铺路,建议投资独栋建筑做小型旅馆比较可靠,因不会被邻居投诉,再加上比较容易拿到“住宿设施营业许可”。不建议买单间公寓做民宿除非是一整栋,原因是问题太多。问题如: 太多竞争对手,房租价钱不高,回报率将会降低。 价钱不高的话,租客的素质相对的也低,那房子损坏率会高,维修费,邻人的投诉会提高,增加不必要的难度。 … Read More

The Pain of Inheritance: Foreigners with real estate in Japan

        The greedy fingers of the Inheritance Tax Japan’s inheritance tax had a major revision on January 1, 2015. The total deduction allowed was cut back by a whopping 40%.  Previously, the total deduction stood at ¥70 million (¥50 million … Read More

Freehold Properties in Japan

What’s next after I buy a property in Japan?

  So, you have taken the plunge and own a property.  What’s next?   Can I stay there?   Yes, you could if you secure a proper visa. Depending on the country you’re from, your tourist visa may allow you … Read More

9 things to know when Buying Property in Japan

  1. Can a foreigner purchase property in Japan? YES.  Foreigners of any nationality,  any country can buy real estate in Japan, even if they do not have a “permanent resident” status. Relative to other countries, it is relatively easy for … Read More

Invest and Grow your Nest Egg

How to Own your Holiday Property

    Shared Equity Home Ownership means you co-own a property with other owners. The number of owners can be as little as two persons or as many as five or more. By sharing or dividing the equity amongst many … Read More

Freehold Properties in Japan

Japanese Property vs Other Parts of the World

    How does property or home ownership in Japan compare with other countries nearby? CHINA JAPAN In Beijing, foreigners who intend to buy a properties there need a certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to prove … Read More


How easy is it to buy a property in Japan?

  There are no restrictions on foreigners to own property in Japan. None at all. In other words, does this mean it’s an easy process?  However, here’s the catch. Three catches actually. Utmost Importance. You need to have ready cash … Read More

Walking street in Japan

3 Reasons to Invest in Japan

    Who would have expected a nascent revival in an economy that’s been sluggish for the past decade? A series of timely events have commingled into a propitious mix for the Japanese economy. Already, there are sure economic indicators promising a growing … Read More