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12 reasons to visit Kyoto

  Take 5, have a coffee, explore Kyoto. 5 Beautiful Minutes: Bringing you the colours, sights and essence of Kyoto, morning to night.       [one_third_last padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] 3. TEA Enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The … Read More

Enjoy A Japanese Tea Ceremony

  Free your mind and indulge in a Japanese Tea Ceremony where you immerse yourself into the art of tea. TYPES OF JAPANESE TEAS   [one_third_last padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] Konacha, Residual Green Tea Konacha is the tea dust, tea … Read More

An Affair in GION, being a Geisha or Maiko

  BEING A GEISHA     BEING A MAIKO   Come to Kyoto and experience the world of Geishas and Maikos.  Step back in time and have an encounter with an old world charm of traditional Japan. [one_half_last padding=”0 20px … Read More

A Minimalist Guide: How to travel more for less in Japan

  Japan Rail Passes Do you need JR Rail Passes? Get them only if you’re planning a multi-city travel throughout more than two prefectures in Japan. They will save you money ONLY IF you can speed travel across more than 3 cities within … Read More