Equity Sharing Investors


Shared equity ownership of the Real Estate

  • You will own 100% of all the properties in the portfolio with other investors.
  • You will have every chance of a capital gain when these beautiful holiday homes are all sold at the end of the 5-8 year life, so no difficulties of exit at that time.
  • None of the time, expense and complications of buying property in Japan.
  • Enjoy with your family and your friends.
  • Self funding and build wealth.
  • Affordable holidays.
  • Use of all properties under the portfolios.


What’s next

  1. The process will begin with a one-on-one consultation.  At this point, we will be listening and evaluating if we can work as a team based on your individual wealth goals, expectancies and risk appetite. If we are a good match, we will progress onwards to the next step.
  2. Next, we will take you through the following areas:
    1. Current rental vacancies, market trends and figures in the industry.
    2. Current legislative requirements and changes at play.
    3. How we maximise yields in the current environment.
    4. Application and Entry into our Investment Property Program. We seek your understanding that at this stage, the details are strictly confidential and only released to selected investors.
  3. The groundwork has been done for you.  We are here to do the research and take the stress out of buying an investment property in Japan. We will continue to set source, evaluate and negotiate on suitable properties that meets our set of criteria.  After you become a shareholder, you will have access to our selection and the option of adding on to your portfolio.
  4. After purchase, the work does not stop there. Our properties will be styled accordingly to complement the local character of the tourist area. The properties will be cared for and maintained in-house.  Only licensed trades people will be used for maintenance. We will conduct rates review regularly to ensure we secure optimal pricing throughout the year. You are assured of a full service guarantee where we handle everything from start to finish.
  5. Last but not least, you are also guaranteed an exit strategy. Simply sell off your shares and close the books. It’s that easy and painless.



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