Do you want to own holiday homes in Japan for less than USD$50K?

Even better, how nice it would be if these holiday homes can be self funded?




We are here to tell you that this is possible. Your dream of owning your holiday home is just around the corner.

We would like to emphasise that this is not a time shared scheme.  You will be co-owning the holiday homes with other investors.


How it Works

This is how it works. We will source and curate a selection of tourist-friendly properties for purchase. The holiday properties are then held under a company structure. The property listings will only be made available for viewing to eligible investors. You will own the properties together with us through a share ownership. After this, just sit back and relax. We will manage and let the holiday properties for tourists and short-stay visitors.

Register your interest with us through this online form here. Kindly note the form screens for your risk profile so we can decide if you make a reasonable investment fit with the team. We will be in touch with you shortly for further procedures.

You will be invited to participate in the property holding company. The investment is for a fixed term of 5 years. This is the stage where you should be considering your financial status carefully before you make a decision to go ahead.

Please decide whether you prefer your equity stake to be in bonds or shares or a hybrid holding.


Please arrange payment to confirm your stake.


Your Entitlement

All investors are entitled to 2-weeks stay in any of the holiday property locations per calendar year during low seasons.  Our investors can make bookings via a private portal reserved for them only. Please note that bookings are transparent and will be confirmed on a first-com-first-served basis.


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